Thursday, July 1, 2010

Security and High Profile Principles

One of the most demanding, yet rewarding operations to spear head, is security coverage for high profile celebrities and/or dignitaries. This type of security introduces, depending upon the experience of leadership, unforeseen variables that may impact the degree of coverage and its application. More often than not, organizations have prior law enforcement or former special operations personnel serving as security agents for specific principles (high profile celebrities and/or dignitaries). Challenges in the security detail (coverage team) become heightened when the principles visit properties outside their norm.

Modifying an established methodology of communication with the security detail, the channel of communication chosen will facilitate the degree of success. Among the topic of discussion is the most efficient and expeditious points selected for entrance and exit. Multiple routes of access and/or exits are the points of examination. This is necessary to provide the security detail with an overview of necessary points of contingency for evacuation.

A good example would be when a state government or high profile dignitary is scheduled for visitation to a property, the secret service will provide a preliminary advanced team to assure all aspects of security concerns are addressed and resolved. The secret service advanced visit encompasses the presence of military personnel with explosive detecting canine dogs to conduct a thorough sweep (walk) through the designated room or area for the meetings and/or conferences. This sweep includes adjacent corridors, building exterior and even perhaps the adjacent neighborhood that may include law enforcement agencies. Many occasions will also include obscuring any vantage point or distant observation by street closure and/or using drapes to cover entrances and exits.

Dialogue regarding emergency processes (medical procedures and emergency responses) will also be disclosed to assure proactive measures are addressed. This builds confidence and fosters a positive working relationship to meet or exceeds expectations of the client.

Security operations regarding the coverage of high profile celebrity or dignitaries are dependent of an organization’s security team’s adaptability to meet the needs of such clientele. Thus, achieving such connections is key to the success of the organization and its ability toward providing accommodations that is both adaptive and secure.

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