Sunday, March 14, 2010

Operating in Budgetary Constraints

As consultants, we are continuously faced with customers who yearn for everything yet, restrict the financial means to achieve the desired end result. A consultant must explore multiple avenues to obtain the final product and/or service sought by his/her customer while still operating within the constricted financial boundaries. The current economic conditions warrant sound financial decision making by consultants. The challenging financial state for many customers can promote poor management practices and less strategic alignment with business goals.

The process that enables customers to gain significant faith in the security consultant’s ability to provide sound guidance and access to multiple vendors that demonstrate an established partnership representing various products and services. The ranges in cost must appease the most prudent budgets and allow higher quality product and services. Yes, it is true you get what you pay for; however, the importance of consultant hands on knowledge that can balance out the bottom dollar with quality service is of great importance.

It is vital for consultants to completely comprehend that quality service delivery is crucial to meeting customer expectation and achieving brand loyalty. As consultants, the customer heavily relies upon your expertise and industry network to connect them with the appropriate vendor of both quality product accompanied by competent service delivery. When both components are successfully attained, delivered and sustained, then and only then a long standing business relationship is formed.

Bernard S. Robinson
Managing Partner, Principal
Robinson Security Consultancy