Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yesterday’s Lessons and Tomorrow’s Application

As we ushered in the twenty first century, many sectors of society held high degrees of apprehensiveness and anxiety about cyber and real world criminal activity that would disable many sectors with the Y2K bug, and other possible criminal elements. The first decade of the twenty first century introduced American to terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda and those fragments that support a philosophy and direction of criminal activity that devalued life to emphasize its agenda. The ripple effect and its consequences gave way to the re-prioritization of security and its role from back drop and least concerned to the forefront of operational significance, not just in cyberspace but in many other segments, e.g. airports, subways, interstate commerce, and historic sites throughout North America.

Yes, the first decade was special and the events that transpired were memorable, but if we cannot gain insight from those lessons learned, then how are we to progress and apply those teachings into applications wherein we demonstrate our new found knowledge.
Security operations and its application, regardless to its origin, is crucial to the assurance we have polices and procedures in place to employ proactive measures that prevent the destruction of assets and the obliteration of human life to support criminal agenda.

The old saying, “Time Waits for No Man” is applicable in the security industry because it says that we cannot be apprehensive nor indecisive about the lessons gained from past vulnerabilities and the implementations of those polices and procedures that corroborate conceptualization, training, and implementation, of sound direction for security that protects against terrorism, both foreign and domestic. However, the second decade appears to be heading into redundancy of the first unless we learn from our mistakes and create innovative security solutions. The lessons learned failed yet again and we are again faced with organizations that have no trepidation about engaging in activity that place humans into harms way or the probability of asset loss.

It behooves us as an industry to re-evaluate lessons learned and applications of sound management practices and policies implementation that demonstrate we can now move in the direction that alleviates ambiguity in security efficiency, effectiveness, and operational significance. Robinson Security Consultancy (RSC) finds its role in this process to be a competent information provider; information that facilitates industry practice and sound application that exudes proficiency and expertise.

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