Sunday, January 24, 2010

Soft Targets Are Elevated In Luxury Hotels

While large occupancy hotels focus more on conference services and large groups, however, luxury hotels are more focused in providing individualized services. Luxury hotels cater to a clientele that is very demanding in their services and products they use. This poses many problems and emphasizes soft targets. Soft Targets are those organizational entities wherein security proactive measures are not the highest within the organization's objectives whereas security measures do not coincide with budgetary constraints.

There is large human traffic in general population areas, this holds true even more so with convention hoteliers and often within management practices in convention hotels. Hotels fixed location normally with limited exit strategies, and shallow security proactive measures and perimeters are most vulnerable. Hotels in general are considered soft targets, however, within luxury hotels, this can be elevated due to the heightened service oriented environment that has potentially large threats in access.

Because of these threats, improvements must be made to address the casual environments hotels soft targets seem to convey. Security measures can improve through awareness of daily activities of guests and patrons, collaboration with local law enforcement agencies and emergency response teams, and informed and trained staff members of situational awareness and emergency response procedures. This process requires security practices that embrace the importance of asset protection and investing in the security upgrades that will provide products and services to act as proactive measures rather than reactive measures. And although, security departments are under budgetary constraints most of the time, it is often the last department that funding applies to rather than automatically planned for. The toll of asset loss has been great, especially in monetary value, however, investment in security, most particularly in the hotel industry, proves both to guests and patrons of hotels that management has a commitment to their overall safety and protection.

Stay safe!

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