Monday, July 27, 2009

Security Training for ALL staff members

ABC's Good Morning America captured on video (link below) very frightening but yet common security incidents at two hotels. This happens all too often because the understanding of security is under-represented. Security belongs to ALL staff members at any facility. In the video, housekeeping, valet, bellman all were the targets for a crafty and relaxed con by security analysts. Hotels and other facilities that interact or house guests should readdress security training. The emphasis should be placed on procedures. Follow procedures and protocols for ANY and ALL guests related issues. This is absolutely a deterrent for any potential crime.

In the video, clearly ALL staff members were too trusting that could have been potentially fatal in both cases. But, not only is hotel staff (housekeeping, valet, bellman, etc.) should be trained, but executives and top managers so that all understand the importance of security, not only for our guests, but for employees and the company. Marketing should be aware of such incidents to advertise or communicate security efforts to existing and loyal customers. Front office could perhaps emphasize safety upon check-in and communicate hotel policy for requesting entrance without a key. If everyone is involved, exercising security processes will not only benefit the guests, but will encourage safety stewardship.

Re-examine your security procedures and perhaps hold quarterly/semi-annual refresher courses for everyone. Better Safe than sorry!

Hotel Security GMA video

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