Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brand Distinction and Service Delivery

When contemplating the term brand distinction and service delivery, I often reflect upon the words regarding commitment, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little extra.” I forgot who said this quote, but this is etched in my memory forever. Regardless to the business sector, entity and/or area of specialization, the objective behind brand distinction and service delivery is establishing, fostering and sustaining, if not exceeding, customer satisfaction. A brand can be referred to as a signature or representation that gives dissimilarity to a product or service that is catered to a particular segment of society, moreover an individualized preference. For security, emphasis on the level of commitment and service delivery is especially true, therefore the methodology employed to achieve customer satisfaction speaks volumes toward establishing brand distinction.

Once a product and/or service is found to be the customer’s choice, rather than the delivery of the product or service becomes the focal point. This is where brand distinction comes to fruition. The level of dedication to service delivery separates those organizations content with mediocrity, from those organizations striving for perfection. The organization that instills in its employees to give a little more is often those rewarded with customer loyalty. Often this devotion to one’s product and/or services relays heavily upon the perception by the customer that the services rendered are very personalized and consistent.

Security is the one segment of the business world wherein the impact and significance of organizational success is dependent of service delivery. In the last decade, pre and post 9-11, security has move from being the least concerned, to the most significant topic or the forefront of business priorities. The key turnaround has been the emphasis placed on service delivery of security measures that culminate both the application and conceptualization of security and its impact regarding security awareness. Regardless to the division in which security emphasis or training implementation is employed, this heightened prominence also transitioned into more innovation application solutions in cyber security. The service delivery component of security is not only in the appropriate business norms, (depending upon the business sector and/or environment) professional behavior, but more so in the application of the in-depth training of specified state laws or city ordinances in the practical scenarios the security practitioner would encounter. Training is the most noteworthy element to efficient service delivery or its accomplishment. Service delivery and training compliment one another. The organizations that have attained more success are those organizations who embrace continued development of security processes and procedures for the seasoned practitioner, as well, for those security personnel just beginning his/her security venture.

The key point of reference to note is each and every scenario that the security practitioner encounters is a platform for learning, a forum for enlightenment, a situation wherein the residual effect upon the customer will greatly depend upon the application of proper, efficient and professional service delivery. It is the service delivery that will harvest the volume of customers desired by the organization whose central focus is its fundamental philosophy centered on the significance of service delivery. It is service delivery that will honor the organization with customers who dedicated to that organization’s brand and its distinction.

Bernard S. Robinson
Managing Partner, Principal
Robinson Security Consultancy

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